Meet the Team

Here at Build My Drone (B.M.D.) We strive to create the best quality information possible with the help of our customers and friends.

Mason Wheeler

The founder of B.M.D.


“I started this company with one idea in mind: to create a website that makes this hobby easier to get into. I have noticed that people have a hard time and become quickly frustrated when trying to find useful information for building their drones. This includes individuals who are currently or have been apart of the hobby. My interest in building ‘Drones’  began a few years ago and even now I STILL find it difficult to find the needed information to properly Build My Drone (pun intended). This information gets lost in years of Forums, Blogs and out of date videos. When it comes to myself, being able to help people enjoy something that is becoming very popular is what drives my passion for ‘Drones’.”